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Ứng viên Dân biểu Calif., Madison viết lời tưởng niệm Chiến Sĩ Trận Vong
Nhân dịp Lễ Chiến Sĩ Trận Vong vào hôm Thứ hai 25 tháng 5, bà Madison, nguyên Phó Thị trưởng thành phố San Jose, đã viết thư tưởng niệm những quân nhân Hoa Kỳ đã hy sinh vì đất nước.
Dưới đây là nguyên văn thư của bà Madison:
Dear my Friends  
Today, we remember and give thanks to those brave individuals who gave their lives for our nation.
Over more than two centuries, men and women have fought nobly and selflessly in service of America, doing everything we’ve asked of them and more. And sadly, many have died in this service.
We remember and pay tribute to them today. But we must also commit ourselves to doing more – to thank them for their sacrifice by keeping the promises made to their spouses and families.
Our military families give up a great deal. And some end up losing their beloved husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters or children. We truly honor the memories of those lost by making sure we stand with the families and help them in their times of need.
Thank you to our service men and women and their families today. We will never forget.
 Nghĩa trang Quốc gia Cypress Hills, ở Brooklyn, New York, 23/5/15. Google Image.
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