Madison Nguyen need your help

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Madison Nguyen need your help


Dear Friends,

The cutoff for our next critical campaign finance report is approaching fast – we only have 10 days to go. Will you help us reach our goal as we sprint to December 31?

This is the most important fundraising deadline of the campaign so far – the results could determine who will support us and who will support our opponents as the New Year unfolds. We need to show that we have the strong network of grassroots support that will make us successful next year.

Your contribution today will take us to the next level, allowing us to print the walk cards, install the phones, buy the advertising space and recruit the volunteers we need to emerge victorious in 2016.

$200 will help us print 750 door hangers, $100 can get us 500 walk cards, a contribution of just $75 can help us buy a TV ad spot – a contribution of $500 can help us buy ten. Your donation of any amount will ensure that we’re able to spread our message far and wide.

Thank you for being part of my team – we are working day and night so we can expand opportunities for every person in our district, and every person in California.

All the best,



P.S. Your donation has never been as important as it is now. Please donate whatever you can afford today – and help power us to victory in 2016. Thank you!

Paid for by Madison Nguyen for California State Assembly 2016 FPPC# 1376418

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1009 E. Capitol Expressway #215 | San Jose, CA 95121 US

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