Dân Biểu Lowenthal trình Nghị Quyết Tháng Tư Đen, treo cờ VNCH tại Quốc Hội Hoa Kỳ

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Dân Biểu Lowenthal trình Nghị Quyết Tháng Tư Đen, treo cờ VNCH tại Quốc Hội Hoa Kỳ


Dân Biểu Lowenthal trình Nghị Quyết Tháng Tư Đen, treo cờ VNCH tại Quốc Hội Hoa Kỳ (TCBC: Assemblymember Lowenthal Black April Resolution process, the flag of South Vietnam in the US Congress)


Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal US House Resolution Black April 44 th year and suspended

RVN United Nations office in the US Congress

WASHINGTON (Day April 11, 2019) - Congressman Alan Lowenthal (CA-47) this week submitted a Resolution of the House of the US Congress recognized 44 years of the fall of Saigon players (Fall of Saigon) and the tragic collapse of the Republic of Vietnam.

April 30, 1975, Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam was Communist forces invaded in April Black, leads to historical events that the world called "Fall of Saigon," the fall of Saigon fall. Each year, the Vietnamese American community around the United States will hold memorial events this painful history.

Resolution of the House of Congress, H.Res.309, in honor of the Armed Forces of the United States and the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces bravely fought and died during the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of people were killed when left the country for the cause of freedom, millions of Vietnamese were fortunate to the free nations of the world safely, and also to honor the rise, success and dedication of Americans Vietnam to the United States in 44 years.

"The event day Saigon fell remains a focal pain in the hearts of the Vietnamese community in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of people have left Vietnam to go and was lucky to survive abroad, as well as for with collective Vietnam has built a new life far away from their homeland, "Assemblymember Lowenthal spoke as follows.

"The United States has welcomed refugees seeking safety and freedom, and today, with a population of over two million Vietnamese Americans is a community thriving and important in American society . I am proud Resolution to the Assembly to commemorate those who have died as well as honor those who put themselves, after they were forced to leave their homeland and found a second home at United This period."

Resolution of Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal is co-sponsored from the position Assemblyman United States as DB Gil Cisneros (CA-39), DB Correa (CA-46), DB Susan Davis (CA-53), DB Hank Johnson (GA-04), DB Ro Khanna (CA-17), DB Barbara Lee (CA-13), and DB Harley Rouda (CA-48).

In addition, during April to now, Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal will flag Freedom and Heritage The Vietnamese (ie Flag of South Vietnam) at the office of the US Congress where he worked, as well as in literature room in Garden Grove district, next to the Flag of the United States and California flags.


Attached is the Alan Lowenthal Congresswoman office in the US Congress.


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