Phạm Anh Dũng: Em như nụ Hồng (I like Roses)

08 Tháng Mười 20177:52 CH(Xem: 6402)


Em như nụ Hồng (I like Roses)

Today naturally see a rose bloom beautiful backyard, remember to have a long forgotten song

Invite you hear

I Like Roses (poet Tran Ngoc, Pham Anh Dung music) songs Quang Minh, Quoc Dung harmonies:

I like roses shimmering in the sun
As gold butterfly flying kick up
Spring morning love weaving dreams
According clouds reminiscent conceptualist

I love the stars eyes sparkle
Trade Me sulking tears glitter
Clear rain fly make you cold
Long sweet kiss him clinging footsteps

Rain falls gently on revenue
Sad lamellar droplets are signing
I crossed the street slowly small heels
Leaf chlorosis leaving the branches once the roadside

I like roses shimmering in the sun
Rain pearl shape the symphony of love
Tamarind leaf sky filled with memories
Lingering glances light machine does not leave
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